InQuest™ supports exclusive Panasonic ToughPad™ release event

On Monday, November 7th Panasonic™ a certified distributor of  IQ:Enterprise™ unveiled to the public at a gala event held at Dallas Cowboys stadium its latest device the ToughPad™.  The ToughPad™ a rugged Android based tablet builds upon the great legacy of Panasonic ToughBook™ providing enterprise businesses a durable device alternative built for the challenges of field-based conditions.

“We are truly honored that Panasonic™ invited us to support and participate in this exclusive event and showcase our IQ:Enterprise™ product.  The new Android based device holds great promise and fills a real void in the market for enterprise customers who’s mobile users need the durability you come to expect with a ToughBook™ but in the profile and dimensions of a sleek tablet.” said Michael Colapietro, CEO of InQuest Technologies in attendance.

Michael added; “IQ:Enterprise™ provides the ideal Application Platform for existing Panasonic ToughBook™ and new ToughPad™ users, since IQ:Enterprise™ provides companies the ability to configure enterprise caliber applications  called “SmartApps” that are mobile device capability aware (ie. GPS, camera, video, audio, bar) with no coding. Configured once SmartApps instantly work on both Windows based ToughBooks and the new Android based ToughPad™.  This flexibility will allow companies the ability to choose the best device for their different users without worrying about the challenges of different device operating systems, screen sizes, or input mechanisms. ”

In closing “I feel that our IQ:Enterprise™ software in combination with the Panasonic ToughBook™ and ToughPad™ devices provides an unparallelled total solution for companies that need to bridge enterprise office to field- field to office automation.

The Panasonic ToughPad™ is scheduled to ship in March 2012.

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